Welcome to your Library’s catalogue

The vision for our catalogue is to enable readers to search and browse the Library's collections more easily, intuitively, and enjoyably. You can try our improved search experience or browse treasures from our digital collections.

The catalogue is addressing issues that readers have faced with our old catalogue, as well as introducing exciting new functionality that allows for greater exploration and interaction with the Library’s diverse collections.

Through ongoing feedback and the release of new features, our aim is for this catalogue to replace our existing catalogue as the primary way for readers to search and discover the Library’s collections.

To learn more about this project, including information on how we are building the catalogue and what exciting features are still to come, please visit our website.


To ensure that our work continues to reflect our readers’ needs and interests, we have released this preview of our catalogue and are seeking feedback early in our development cycle which will help inform future releases. On every page you will see the following button:

feedback tab

Please use this function to provide your feedback and suggestions. You can also read our frequently asked questions or find out more about the features already available for testing and review.